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When impacted wisdom teeth need to be pulled, the general dentists in Rock Springs, WY will often direct a patient to the Rock Springs, WY oral surgeon. This second biggest category of specialized dentists undertakes reconstructive and cosmetic surgery not only on the teeth, gums and the mouth but also the head, neck and jaws as well.Rock Springs WY dentists possess all the answers to all your dental issues. If you’d enjoy the best results then you need to stop by a skilled dentist who can offer all types of dental services Rock Springs and products under one roof.Why not lead with one’s best feature, rather than some dysfunction? I can give you a long list. And when, just before cellphones came into wide use he went off rock-climbing in Wyoming for a month.Look no further, White Mountain Dental is the place to be! There’s no need to travel further than Rock Springs when our staff can provide for all your dental needs: root canals, wisdom teeth, implants, dentures, periodontal care, children’s dentistry, IV sedation and more! Give our magical staff a call today! 307-362-2220a rock springs emergency dentist may provide cosmetic dentistry services 24 Hr a day. Maybe you require teeth whitening services and want to have your consultation prior to a meeting on the next day. You can call our professionals to discover emergency dental care in Rock Springs, WY.In most people, the third set of molars, generally called "wisdom teeth," start coming in around age 17-25. However, the arrival of these teeth is often far from trouble-free. The extraction (removal) of one or more third molars is a relatively common procedure, performed on some 5 million patients every year.Cheyenne Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. With locations in both Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming, we are conveniently located for handling your wisdom tooth extractions, implants and almost any other type of OMS (Oral and Maxillofacial) service you might require.Dr. Wilson can determine solutions that will not only ease dental problems you may currently face, but also help you take the best care of your teeth in the future. Some of the professional services you can receive from our clinic include root canals, cleanings, filings, and much more.

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